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Today's Date is 07.23.2024

There are many Content Management Systems CMS on the market, high priced business solutions as well as from open source. All of them have in common that they need hours of study and trial until users are able to even understand their features. WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) tools in such case can be very helpful, but the websites created in most cases come out with long loading times, not to speak of user unfriendly behaviour to handicapped people and  a bad search engine optimization.


For this reason I have taken the challenge to develop an easy to use CMS with the following features:

Once introduced to the back-end of my CMS, the owner of the website or his employees should be able to fill it easily with his texts and pictures and files. This system is perfect for small enterprises, private people and private clubs to show their activities online and to change contents within minutes, for example to add and remove items from stock lists, to update agendas and schedules, to add and remove pages and sub-pages.

My intention is, that users won't need me, the developer. But of course there is support similar to LINUX forums from my user community and under my supervision.


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